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Luxurious Rides in a Mercedes E-Class Convertible 2011 in Sydney

Basking year-round in the warm, pleasant climate of New South Wales, never subject to the snow or ice of northern climes, Sydney is a city where a convertible is often a desirable means of moving from one place to another. Sunshine is most abundant in November and December, though slightly… Read more »

Sydney Formal Car Hire for Any Occasion

Gliding through the streets in a clean, white, beautifully maintained limousine, convertible, or sedan, listening to your choice of music or simply the street sounds, whisked neatly to your destination by an affable, liveried driver without needing to touch a finger to a steering wheel or an automatic transmission lever,… Read more »

Business Meetings with Sydney Formal Car Hire

Besides the details of the business deal itself, the impression that you make is very important to your success when you are negotiating a business contract. This is particularly true if the deal will give you immediate advantages and the other parties advantages in the future.