Luxurious Rides in a Mercedes E-Class Convertible 2011 in Sydney

Basking year-round in the warm, pleasant climate of New South Wales, never subject to the snow or ice of northern climes, Sydney is a city where a convertible is often a desirable means of moving from one place to another. Sunshine is most abundant in November and December, though slightly warmer weather occurs in January and February, and when you need a limousine hire during these periods (and much of the rest of the year), a Mercedes E-Class Convertible 2011 for Sydney trips and events is a good choice from the many fine cars that can be hired from DeBlanco Wedding Cars.

Driving with an open-topped cabriolet can be an enjoyable experience in the warmer months, but there are usually a few downsides as well. Most of the time, those who travel in a convertible are subject to a certain amount of wind noise and strong drafts by air surging over the windshield. However, the Mercedes E-Class Convertible features an advanced windshield spoiler which directs the air stream up higher above the passenger cabin, providing a superbly quiet ride with a far lighter draft.

Travelling to your wedding or another extremely important event, you can now enjoy the refreshing feeling of being chauffeured in an open cabriolet, without having your carefully dressed hair and precisely draped clothing disarranged by a gale of wind howling over the windshield. You can put in a stylish, dashing appearance at the scene of your nuptials in the Mercedes E-Class Convertible 2011 in Sydney, without arriving with a “windswept” look.

Like all of our vehicles, these luxurious cabriolets are maintained in pristine condition to provide the comfort, elegance, and safety that you expect of DeBlanco’s Sydney limousine hire service. With the superbly comfortable upholstery, numerous modern electronic safety features, and silky smooth handling, driven by one of our friendly, helpful liveried chauffeurs, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class provides you with the ultimate in warm weather sophistication for Sydney area transportation.