Making a Big Impression with a School Formal Limo

A school formal is an event that doesn’t occur every day – in fact, it’s going to happen only once in your life, and for this reason, you want all your arrangements for this memorable event to be as perfect as possible. You want to have fun, make the most of the day – and make an impression on your friends, too. One of the best ways to do that is to arrive at your school formal in a limo. DeBlanco can provide you with every kind of limo hire in Sydney that you might need to impress the onlookers and make you feel as excited and special as you want to – check our services on

You can opt for a solo arrival, or perhaps come with a close friend or two, with one of our Chrysler sedans or Mercedes convertibles. These cars are a bit smaller than the stretch limousines we also offer, but they make for an equally elegant arrival – you will be driven to the curb by a liveried chauffeur who knows the Sydney streets well and will ensure your punctual arrival.

Stretch limousines are an option for bigger groups of friends going to their school formal. You can either be the patron and buy a school formal limo ride for your whole party, yourself, or you can pool your resources with your friends to collectively hire a limo for your spectacular arrival at the scene of the festivities.

You also have the choice of just being transported to the school formal itself, or of arranging for transport to an after-party or back home afterward – or perhaps both in sequence. We are open to all kinds of flexible planning for your school formal, for your convenience, your enjoyment, and possibly some interesting photo opportunities of your arrival, too.

Call us today or visit us at to plan a school limo hire that will be the talk of your friends, classmates, and parents for many years to come!