Making a Big Impression with Sydney Wedding Cars

Your wedding day is a very important occasion in your life – if not the most important of all – and the last thing that you want to do is make a shabby impression by arriving in a dented old car with band stickers over the rust holes and some baling wire holding the rear fender on.

Imagine, instead, gliding up to the curb in a gleaming white wedding limousine, on time and unruffled despite the heavy Sydney area traffic, making a lasting impression on the people attending your nuptials, giving you some wonderful photo opportunities, and feeling that you’ve arrived in the style that such a momentous event deserves – an image which you can easily bring into reality by hiring Sydney wedding cars from our company, DeBlanco Wedding Cars.

Our prices are very affordable and the rental of a wedding car for your Sydney area wedding includes a friendly, knowledgeable driver who will negotiate the streets for you, letting you focus on each other and relax on your way to scene of your wedding. There is nothing romantic in steering a car through heavy traffic, but with one of our drivers at the wheel, you can sit back and enjoy the ride – and be assured of reaching the spot in a timely fashion, too.

We offer several different sizes and configurations of cars depending on your wishes, though all come in a clean, brilliant white as befits the mood of the day. Clean, fresh, and crisp, these vehicles make a superb backdrop for arrival photographs as well, and will make your vehicle stand out from the other cars just as the bride and groom stand out from the crowd.

We offer convertibles for those who, in warm, sunny weather, want to glide through the streets to their nuptials with the breeze blowing through the hair and the sun warm on their skins. Our Mercedes convertible offers exactly that experience. For those who want a bit more privacy, or if the weather is not quite at its peak, a sedan can be hired instead. Or, for those in search of luxury, a full-sized stretched limousine gives you all the opulence you crave on this special, joyous day.

The chauffeur is not only friendly, professional, and fully conversant with the streets of Sydney, but also wears an impressive livery that will be in keeping with the dignity of the occasion. There is no need to fear that your wedding will be marred by a poorly-dressed driver slouching out from behind the wheel to open the doors for you; our chauffeurs will add to your wedding, not detract from it, and you can count on them to help you build a relaxed mood on the drive to the site, or remain unobtrusive and politely quiet depending on what you prefer.

Our Sydney wedding cars service is fully accredited, assuring you of our professionalism and dedication to quality. Let us take the wheel and bring you to the scene of your wedding in one of our beautifully maintained sedans, limousines, or convertibles, and make yet another part of your special day picture-perfect as well.

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