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Formal Car Hire

School Formal Car Hire for Sydney Style

By September 2, 2011No Comments

Making a great impression on your friends and a fun, spectacular arrival for yourself is easy when you make use of a school formal car hire in Sydney, using the fine chauffeurs and superbly maintained vehicles that DeBlanco ( provides. Nobody will forget the arrival of you, and perhaps your closest friends (and even someone that you are particularly interested in impressing), as you pull up at the curb outside the school with a liveried driver at the wheel.

The grandest entrance is possible with one of the stretched limousines that we offer. These lengthy cars can house a whole group of people on their way to a school formal, and are luxuriously appointed besides. After years of schooling and patience, it is time to celebrate, and enjoying yourself with the posh interior of a stretched limousine hire, as well as the photo opportunities that your arrival will offer to anyone who comes along with a camera, including you, is a good way to start off the event in a suitably satisfying way.

If you have a smaller group, or simply want to be slightly less ostentatious, then coming on the scene in an open topped convertible is an excellent option instead. Convertibles are also very stylish, and the models we offer are specially engineered versions whose windshield shape guides wind over you, rather than allowing it to blow on your face and hair and spoil your carefully prepared appearance. Wind noise is also reduced so that you can chat with your mates more easily.

An all-purpose choice is one of our sedans. These vehicles, like all of ours, are well maintained and reliable to ensure that you get to the scene of your formal without any delays due to mechanical malfunctions. Call DeBlanco today, or visit us online at, to book your school formal car hire for Sydney and start this notable event off with the proper panache!