Limo Hire Sydney

Limo Hire SydneyWhen you are arranging for the limo hire Sydney needs for special events there are a few things you should keep in mind. Deblanco can help you make the right choices for your limo hire so you are certain to have the proper transportation and professional driving services you are expecting.

What to ask

There are a few questions you can ask your limo hire Sydney needs before making a commitment to book their services:

  • What cars are available on the date of your event?
  • How many people can the limo accommodate?
  • Is there a limit to how many pick up sites they will stop at?
  • What are the credentials of your drivers?
  • What is included in the price?
  • Are there any hidden fees such as cleaning or petrol?
  • Are there any age limitations for passengers?
  • Are there any areas the limo driver will not go?
  • Is there a limit as to how long a limo driver will wait if we are running behind?

You want to know the answers to these questions before you commit because you don’t want to wind up wondering why your driver is saying he can’t fit anyone else in the limo, or have them wander in to interrupt your revelries to inform you he’s ready to call it a night. Hidden fees can also add up if you are not told about them up front.

Check out the Cars

Some limo hire Sydney services have stunning cars on their websites and when they arrive to pick you up they are in very poor care. They may have terrible, damaged interiors that have an unpleasant odour. The driver may appear unkempt and unprofessional or worse the car you ordered does not arrive at all. Be certain that when you hire a limo you have seen the limo and met the owners and staff. At Deblanco we insist you come for a visit to check out all of our cars so you know they are exactly what you are looking for. We can do this because we are confident once you slip into the luxurious interior of one of our cars you are certain to book with us.

Ask for Testimonials or References

When you visit our website you will see many testimonials to support our claims. We are proud of our limo hire Sydney services and don’t have to boast because our clients are singing our praises for us. Knowing that you are dealing with a reputable company is very important for piece of mind. At Deblanco we are here to make your event a success and offer you the professional friendly service you want.

Is a Limo Right for You?

You also want to deal with a company that can steer you in the right direction of the car best for you. At Deblanco we offer a number of cars from stretch limos to Mercedes or Chrysler 300 Cs. You may want a limo, or you may want something a little smaller and more intimate. If it’s just the two of you a smaller car might suit you better. Also we can discuss your options for weddings. Maybe you just want a car for the bride and groom or maybe we can talk to you about other options such as a limo for the bridal party, a Mercedes for the bride and groom and a Chrysler for the parents of the happy couple. We offer the packages you need to make your occasion a perfect moment to remember always.

Flawless Planning and Execution

At Deblanco we believe in flawless planning and execution. We don’t leave anything to chance and ensure everything you are expecting is exactly what you get. In fact we aim to exceed your expectations so that your evening or occasion is as special and perfect as you imagined. Weddings, formal dances, girls’ nights out and bachelor parties are all taken care of by our courteous drivers. We can also make your romantic evening as perfect as possible.

When you are looking for a limo then Deblanco is the smart choice. Call us today and discover why Sydney is singing our praises. To enquire about limo hire Sydney for your event, contact DeBlanco on 0416 160 166 or by email limousines

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