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Formal Car Hire

Creating a Photo Op with a School Formal Car Hire in Sydney

By September 2, 2011No Comments

Chugging up to the curb in an ancient “rust bucket” with rock band stickers over the larger corrosion holes is one way that it is possible to arrive at your school formal, but it is scarcely one that you want to record on film. You can, however, create a beautiful photo opportunity with a school formal car hire in Sydney by engaging one of the gleaming white, splendidly maintained limousines from DeBlanco (, and arriving at the institution comfortably, elegantly, and memorably.

Depending on the weather, the number of people in your formal group, and you general wishes, you may want to hire the services of a convertible, a sedan, or even a stretched limousine for large or exceptionally luxurious groups. Each car has advantages in certain situations, though all are whisked through the streets of Sydney under the skilled guidance of a liveried chauffeur who will ensure your comfortable, punctual arrival at the scene of the formal.

An open topped car, or convertible, is best suited to smaller groups and warmer weather, when you want to make your triumphal progress through the streets in a relaxed yet stylish manner. You can enjoy the warm sun, the fresh breezes ruffling your hair, and show off your holiday attire a bit to anyone who happens to look your way. Of course, the breezes may ruffle you formal attire rather too much for your taste, so you should think over this option before choosing it.

A sedan offers a more private means of conveyance to your school formal, as well as one better suited to damp or cool weather. Your perfectly pressed costume and superbly arranged corsage will also be safe from buffeting by stray winds as well as the unwelcome contributions of rain showers or pigeons.

A stretched limousine is your most opulent choice for a school formal car hire in Sydney with DeBlanco – able to accommodate a large party, and featuring many delightfully decadent appointments, this vehicle will also make the best photo backdrop if you take a moment to snap a picture on your arrival at the scene of the formal.