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Reaching the After Party with a School Formal Hire Car in Sydney

By September 2, 2011No Comments

For some people, no school formal is complete without a good deal of revelry and carousing at an after party. If you are one of these people – and the school formal is, perhaps, only the well dressed prelude to the serious business of celebrating your educational achievements – then a school formal hire car in Sydney from DeBlanco ( can give you the opportunity to reach the scene of this second, and less restrained, celebration comfortably and stylishly.

You can arrange both transportation to the formal and a second transportation to the after party once it is complete in advance, assuming that you know the schedule of the formal itself. In this way, you will be brought to the formal quickly, easily, and in a relaxed state, since one of our drivers will be doing the driving. Then, once the formal is complete, another car will arrive to pick you up and take you to the after party.

Arranging your transportation in this way will spare you the necessity of competing against Sydney’s nerve-jangling traffic on what is supposed to be a festive day, while at the same time getting you to your destination with speed and efficiency. You will also avoid the cost of having a car wait at the curb for you for several hours, by arranging two separate school formal car hires in Sydney from us. In the meantime, of course, the cars can be used for other hires.

All of our cars are beautifully maintained, gleaming with a coat of white paint and kept fresh and clean inside as well. You will make a truly impressive entrance at the after party if you and your friends roll to the curb in one of our spectacular hire limousines. It is, perhaps, just one more detail, but it is a very pleasant one and will help to make this important day special and memorable for you in every way.