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Give Your Party a Stylish Ride with a Stretch Limo Hire in Sydney

By October 18, 2011No Comments

Few cars bespeak luxury more effectively, or offer a more pleasant riding experience, than a stretch limousine, such as the Chrysler 300c that DeBlanco ( offers for all your special occasion needs. With the ability to seat 11 people, many superb features to make you feel at home in the interior (and perhaps get an early start on the festivities), and a polite, friendly, highly skilled chauffeur at the wheel to take care of the details of driving, our limo hire in Sydney is suitable for all large parties regardless of the specific occasion.

You will enjoy not only a smooth ride but will sink happily into the mellow comfort of a soft leather seat as well. You will arrive at your destination not only free from the tiring effects of driving yourself there, with the nerve wracking matters of dealing with traffic left to our driver, but will actually be rested and refreshed by the comfortable surroundings you have been travelling in.

There is much more to a stretch limo hire in Sydney from DeBlanco than some soft, posh seats, however, no matter how pleasant that detail might be. Fibre optic lighting creates spectacular interior effects if you so desire, and when you are in a truly celebratory mood, disco strobes and colour wash are available, too, to get your party spirit roused even before you arrive.

Three LCD television screens and a state of the art audio system provide the whole group with entertainment, and allow you to view programs of your choice or listen to appropriate music on your way to the scene of action. Finally, there is an included bar for a bit of liquid refreshment along the way, whether you are steadying your nerves for your marriage ceremony or simply getting an early start on the conviviality.

And, of course, there is the fact that you can bring a large party with you and make a truly spectacular arrival at your wedding, business meeting, club or association gathering, school formal, reception, grand opening, or whatever other intriguing event you have planned.

Sweeping up the curb in such a conveyance, with a liveried driver at the wheel and a long expanse of gleaming white car to serve as a backdrop to your emergence onto the sidewalk, lets everyone know that someone sophisticated, stylish, and significant has arrived. The stretch limousine makes an excellent backdrop for memorable wedding photographs, too. Get your limo hire for Sydney events from DeBlanco ( and experience the finest limousine service our city has to offer.