Enjoying the Sunny Weather with a Convertible School Formal Limo

When the day of your school formal is sunny, warm, and pleasant, you can arrive both in high style and with plenty of enjoyment of the weather with a convertible school formal limo hire. The convertibles offered by DeBlanco (www.deblanco.com.au) are not only open topped so that you can enjoy the fresh air, warm breezes, and sunlight, but also have special design features that make them much more comfortable for you and your friends than earlier types.

The Mercedes-Benz E-class convertible that DeBlanco offers to you for your school formal or any other occasion when you need a chauffeured limousine is a very special car well suited to making you feel ready for fun, adventure, and the celebration of your educational achievements.

Arriving windblown and dishevelled is always a worry of those driving in a coupe or convertible style car, but the E-Class used by DeBlanco solves that neatly with a bit of subtle but effective engineering. The angle of the windshield spoiler directs the air over the passenger’s heads rather than into their faces, ensuring that your careful preparations are not disarranged on the way to the formal.

The E-Class is also designed with ecological sensitivity in mind, so you know that your ride to the formal will be one of the more “green” ones on display, and is also equipped with many safety features. Although our chauffeurs are solid, reliable, and skilled drivers, the E-Class will also monitor 70 different measurements of their activity and sound a warning if it senses that the driver is becoming sleepy or inattentive! There is also a distance warning to keep the car at a safe interval from others.

The convertible also offers an incomparably velvet smooth ride that will get you to the school formal relaxed, unruffled, and unshaken – in the perfect mood and condition for thoroughly enjoying yourself when you arrive. And, of course, it is kept in fine condition and a state of pristine cleanliness by our professional team. Get your school formal limo hire from DeBlanco (www.deblanco.com.au) and experience a luxurious convertible ride that is also quite affordable!